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High Water Advisors is a collection of internationally-recognized GRC and audit experts who excel at providing high-value solutions and having fun doing it. We specialize in taking the pain out of GRC and audit processes, optimizing an organization's ability to identify problems and to address them before they escalate.


We offer a comprehensive set of solutions for anyone involved in an organization’s monitoring or GRC processes, and have organized these around four key areas of interest.


High Water Advisors' Solutions: Risk Management

Risk Management solutions at High Water Advisors cover the entire spectrum of services from initial risk awareness and identification to risk mitigation and ultimately risk monitoring, including both traditional techniques as well as innovative Continuous Risk Assessment (CRA) processes.

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Compliance solutions at High Water Advisors are designed to both save money and reduce risk.  The rapid increase in the number of regulations to which organizations are subject has created the need for extensive compliance functions.  The objective of our compliance solutions is to drive cost out of these functions, directly impacting the bottom line.

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High Water Advisors' Solutions: Compliance

High Water Advisors' Solutions: Audit

Audit solutions at High Water Advisors include services designed for not only the internal audit department, but other departments performing audit-like functions within an organization, external audit organizations, and the managers within an organization who merely want to get through an audit as quickly as possible.

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Because one of our founders is the world’s leading expert on SAP audit and GRC topics, it’s no surprise that High Water Advisors offers unparalleled solutions in this area. Unlike many other firms in this space, our solutions are not merely focused on SAP’s GRC suite of products, but the entire process of Governance, Risk, and Compliance in an SAP environment. 

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High Water Advisors' Solutions: SAP Audit and GRC



Workbook for a Successful Audit Analytics Program

By John Verver

This Workbook provides audit teams and their leaders with the knowledge and practical understanding required to establish and sustain the use of audit analytics as an integral part of the audit process.


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Surviving an SAP Audit


By Steve Biskie

This book is designed to help SAP project managers, implementation teams, and users learn how to "think like an auditor" so they can be better-prepared for an internal or external audit of their SAP system.

Surviving an SAP Audit By Steve Biskie

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Finding potential SAP user security issues using data analysis
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As one of the world’s leading audit and GRC specialists, we consider High Water Advisors a full-fledged member of our GRC strategy and innovation team. red_quote2.png

Kevin McCollom, Global Vice President, General Manager, SAP GRC Solutions, SAP

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